The Situation of Liérganes

is perfect to go around Cantabria!


We are inside the Valleys Pasiegos: Pas, Miera and Pisueña. located in the center of Cantabria, near Santander and the beaches of the Cantabrian Coast.

The Valleys are a tourist destination of quality and tranquility in nature. 

A haven of sheer calm, with various itineraries, paths and trails, cultural walks, prehistoric caves, traditional sports, outdoor activities in nature, and a delicious food offer. We refer to the typical sweet products in this area;  sacristanes, corazones , sobaos Pasiegos  and quesadas.

To drink Dougall´s craft beer

Queso de Nata is found almost  across the entire regional territory,

What can we do around El Arral?

  • Walk around the historic center, where  we are (El Mercadillo Quarter) It is the center of the population, where you can see the best buildings.
  • Puente Mayor: Threre you will find the Interpretación Centre of “Fish man”
  • Ecomuseum fluviarium of the Pasiegos mountain and river basins. Wide exposure of the flora, fauna and ethnography of the Pasie Valley.
  • Guided tour of the Dougall´s craft beer factory
  • Trekking: see more
  • Bike routes; Bike friendly
  • Autotourism: Visit Pasiegos Valleys
  • Santander: Botin Center and Magdalena Palace
  • Cabarceno park in Obregón: Animlas lovers can enjoy many species of wildlife including bears, lions, tigers and elephants which roam in parcial freedom in this wonderful natural park.